Ghostwriting for you
Copy writing for your company
It doesn't have to be poetry, but it could be.
HISTORY:  A few years ago, an eighty-something Casanova asked for
assistance writing a letter of proposal to his girlfriend.  With that success,
he asked for assistance with their vows. Three years later his grandson
asked for help writing his grandfather's eulogy.  From that modest
beginning cre8poetry has grown and provides a broad range of
ghostwriting and copy writing services for diverse  and interesting
individuals, all with a story to tell.

RATIONALE: In this economy, people are busier than ever. Professionals
and executives are satisfying the demands of their careers without actively
advancing their careers through visibility and self-promotion.

Businesses are in transition. Effective transitions require effective
communication within the organization and to clients and customers.

PROMISE: This avocation is a labor of love that is highly specialized,
completely individualized, and personal.  Success for cre8poetry and our
individual or business clients depends on good communication and
collaboration.  In exchange for clear direction, patience, and realistic time
lines, cre8poetry offers unique communication strategies and content.